Day: January 20, 2012

Main Course
Sabzi & Curry

Boondi Ki Sabzi

Ingredients 2 tbsp. boondi 1 onion roughly chopped 1 tomato roughly chopped ½ tsp. green chilies fine chopped 2 tsp. smooth curd 2 tbsp. Cream or malai Salt to taste ½ tsp. cumin seeds ½ tsp. red chilies powder ½ turmeric powder A pinch of garam masala ½ tsp. coriander powder ½ tsp. raw mango […]

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Blogging Marathon
Raita & Curd
Regional Cuisine
Side Dish

Boondi Ka Raita

Boondi Raita is a healthy and simple but delicious curd based recipe which made with whisked curd and small fried savory besan batter droplets. It is served as side dish along with Indian food. This raita recipe quite popular in North region of India.     Raita is the common name of a condiment, originating […]

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