Breads & Flatbreads

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A variety of tasty flat breads are made in India, to be served as part of lunch or dinner, and sometimes as breakfast too. A roti is cooked on a tava or on an open flame, while a puri is deep-fried. On the other hand, a paratha is a category of Indian bread that is stuffed or spiced-up. Across the country, each community has its favourite type of flat bread and indigenous ways of making them. Rotis, puris and parathas are usually had with subzis and dals or with accompaniments like curds and pickles. Categories under Indian breads are Rotis & Phulkas, Parathas, Pooris, Crepes and Dosas, Pitted Breads and more.

Collection of Breads & Flatbreads


Pooris/ Roti