Day: June 30, 2013


Dish It Out- Mango and Chili: Event Announcement

This time I get the chance to host “Dish It Out” event for July month announced by Vardhini from Cooks Joy and theme is Mango and Chili, here you can use raw mango or ripe mango with any form of chili. In India, Mango festival will celebrate in July month, so I take Mango and […]

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Review on Bong Mom’s Cook Book & Chhanar Dalna By Sandeepa Mukherjee Dutta

Few days before, I got a copy of “Bong Mom’s Cook Book” written by Sandeepa Mukherjee Dutta through Indiblogger. I want to thank Indiblogger who gave me chance to share my thoughts on these lovely and joyful stories from a Bengali mother’s Kitchen. As I’m new comer in food world it’s a small trial from […]

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