Day: February 13, 2017

Mocktails/ Juices

Roohafza Lemonade | Lemonade Recipes

Roohafza is very popular syrup in Indian families. It’s natural and herbal sweet syrup that is made with fruits, vegetables and herbs. You can add this roohafza syrup in both water as lemonade, shikanji and milk as shakes, sherbet and lassi. Sabja seeds are cooling and good for digestion. You need to soak the seeds […]

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Sabzi & Curry
West Bengal

Kalonji Aloo Stir Fry | Stir Fried Potato Onion with Nigella Seeds

This recipe is slightly different from North style aloo pyaz ki sabzi. In this recipe, you will get the aroma and flavor of mustard seeds, mustard oil and nigella seeds or kalonji. It is very simple and few ingredient based recipe which prepared by potato, onion, kalonji and few spices. Nigella Seeds are known as […]

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