7 Of The Most Expensive Dishes Served In India

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India is known for many things, be it its rich culture, fascinating history, or delicious food. It has thousands of dishes that are made using a variety of ingredients and preparation styles. However, if one has to name some items that are really more expensive than others when served in India, then here is a list.


The following dishes might cost you more than what you pay for your daily diet, but nothing can beat the experience they offer. It’s better to pay for these dishes once in your life to have a Royal experience one could only have either as a Millionaire or if you have won the online lottery. Here is the list of the top 7 most expensive dishes served in India with details about their taste and origin.



  • Dal Baati Churma At The ITC Maratha, Mumbai 


 This mouthwatering dish from Rajasthan is prepared in such a way that the flavor of each ingredient used remains intact and enhances your dining experience. It is made up of Basmati rice, black lentils, ghee, spices, and sugar. Though it sounds simple to prepare, this dish does require expertise and thus is served by very few people. The total cost for this exclusive dish comes around Rs 24000 [400$].As it is mainly prepared for a group of people and preparing it for a single serving might not complement the efforts of the professional chefs and might increase the cost.



  • Mango Soufflé At The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai 



This mango souffle from Maharashtra has been described as one of the most expensive desserts offered in India. Prepared using top-notch ingredients like saffron and mango pulp, it gives a fine blend of the east with west. The dessert looks extremely appealing and tastes simply delicious. It is said to be priced at Rs 12000 [200$] per piece. One has to pre-order the dessert beforehand because of its high cost and availability in limited quantity only.



  • Gold plated dosa, Rajbhog, Bangalore:



The ‘gold plated dosa’ is a hallmark item at Rajbhog. It isn’t a typical golden crepe dosa, though. The dish is made with plain dosa batter that has been mixed with 24-carat gold dust. The golden crepe is then filled with a generous amount of ghee and sugar. It tastes very similar to Rava (semolina) idli with modak. The 300-gram dosa costs Rs.22,000 and is served on a silver platter with a 24-carat gold tumbler of Nolen Gur ( date palm jaggery).



  • Lamb, Vetro-Oberoi



Lamb’s ribs are marinated in red wine vinegar. Rosemary and black pepper combined together work well as a rub or marinade for lamb because they help to tenderize it and add flavors. India Serve with vegetables such as roasted potatoes, au gratin potatoes, baked beans, creamed spinach, or green peas. Outside, which makes the meat more tender and flavorful. this dish cost INR 4000 per serving, making you realize the importance of the dish though it’s quite minimal in demand but holds a great point to attract the audience 



  • Butter Chicken – Anarkali Hyderabad 



Butter Chicken or murgh makhani is a signature dish for royals and kings from Delhi and Hyderabad usually served with garlic naan, tasty flatbreads from the tandoor. Butter chicken originates from Punjab; It has been said that Butter Chicken was first cooked by Haji Murad Ali (a Muslim butcher) who used to work in Moti Mahal in Delhi. Back in the period of Mughal kings, it became the traditional dish and was counted to be the royal dish making it high in demand. This dish demands a huge amount of cash in your pockets. 



  • Wasabi Paneer and Mint Chutney 


North Indian specialty, prepared with paneer (Indian cheese) cut up into cubes marinated in the Japanese’ wasabi’ – grilled on skewers – accompanied by a mint chutney and wasabi sauce. The skewers are placed on your plate, the paneer cubes at one end, the mint chutney at the other end of the plate, and a tiny bowl of sesame seeds in between them. When served in a royal way in the Taj hotel, it makes you feel more like a king. This might be heavy on pockets to fall around 8000 INR to 10000. 



  • Roasted Ducks


Roasted Ducks are another cultural dish served in Local stalls and restaurants that was very popular at the time of emperors; This became so popular over the time that it is now commonly served mainly in New Delhi in Indo-Chinese restaurants that serve the dish with additional ingredients giving it an entirely new taste and delicacy. Furthermore, a great number of roasted duck lovers head towards the restaurant to taste the scrumptious feast. 


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