Chum Chum Recipe| Bengali Sweet Recipe for SFC# 3

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Cham Cham or Chum
chum is a traditional Bengali sweet which is popular all over India, Pakistan
and other countries too. These days, it’s available in different colors as
pink, white, yellow and with different variation or flavors as pistachios,
almonds, creamy and more. It’s a paneer based recipe which coated with coconut
powder and garnish with pistachios and almonds flakes.  

For this
Dec month, we choose chum chum as Indian sweet under Sweet Fantasy Club Series # 3
series, hope my readers will like it and share views about this recipe under
comment section.

Time: 20 Minutes

Time: 25 Minutes
Servings: 4
Category:  Indian Sweet
2 Cup Chenna/ Homemade Cottage Cheese
2 Cup Sugar
5 Cup Water
Cardamom Powder, for garnishing
Coconut Powder
Pistachios, chopped for garnishing
Tutti Fruitti, for garnishing

First prepare
homemade paneer or cheena, check how to prepare homemade paneer.
Keep the paneer on
plate and knead it for 5-7 minutes until to smooth and firm dough. If paneer
look dried, then add half teaspoon of milk.
Divide the paneer
dough into equal eight portions and roll each portion into flat oval shaped
balls and keep aside.
For sugar syrup,
you have to add 2 cup sugar and 5 cup of water in pressure cooker. Cook on high
flame till to sugar dissolve completely.
Add paneer balls
and cover with lid. Cook the paneer balls in pressure cooker until to one whistle,
and reduce the flame.
Cook the balls for
7-8 minutes on simmer flame and remove from the stove. Place the ready chum
chum into separate bowl to cool.
Remove the chum
chums from the syrup and cut into centre to fill stuffing of nuts or mawa if
you preferred.
Roll each chum
chum into coconut powder and garnish with cardamom powder, tutti fruity and
pistachios halves. Serve chilled.
You can add mawa with chopped nuts as filling
in centre of chum chum.
You can sprinkle little rabri on the top of
chum chum as garnishing for more variation.
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