GUDDU Review: The Story Of A Vegetarian Lion And His Friend On ZEE5 Kids… #NONSTOPBACHFUN

Now ZEE5 have launched amazing kid-friendly TV shows, movies and original animated series on ZEE5 Kids which are available in nine languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Bhojpuri and Kannada. During lockdown, this acts as a boon for kids to enjoy animated series with family while stuck at home. ZEE5 is a very easy to use and kids friendly app which is available with parental control.



ZEE5 KIDS launches an exclusive animated adventurous comedy series GUDDU for kids. The giant vegetarian lion will have you rejoicing over his jokes, rhymes and raps. He operates a circus with his talented animal friends at “Falana Nagar” and stays in a forest named “Dhimkana Nagar”. He has great bonding with his friends Veeru, Chugli and Ballu. He protects them from Kallu and Billauri. If you want to enjoy and spend good time with your loved one then definitely you must watch this new animated series GUDDU on ZEE5 Kids. This series is produced by Cosmos Maya and directed by Suhas Kadav. The show spans over 39 episodes which revolve around the chronicles of Guddu and his furry friends.


Guddu: Best Animated TV Series on ZEE5 Kids

Guddu is a best animated series that revolves around a lion named Guddu and his friends who run a circus in an all animal world. Guddu’s motive in life is to entertain his audience. Guddu, a character which is played by the most cheerful and powerful lion and voiced by Jaaved Jaaferi. Guddu’s gang includes Veeru the Rhino, Ballu the elephant, Hiru the Deer Calf, Honey aunty the Bear, Jiru the Giraffe. You will love the chemistry of bunty babli also, the flamingo couple. He also has hateful villains Billauri the evil cat and Kallu the Buffalo who cannot stand guddu and goodness.


Guddu: Best Animated TV Series on ZEE5 Kids


Guddu is all set to be your child’s new BFF. This animated Tv Serial Guddu is one of the most favorite shows of my kid on ZEE5 Kids.  We love this animated series because you can teach philosophy of life through this series such as:

  • Always see the good things in everyone.
  • Help others who are in need.
  • Take your responsibilities and mistakes down.
  • Always show bravery and courage in trouble times.
  • Have fun with friends and always be happy.

I love this tagline “GUDDU KI BASTI, NONSTOP MASTI”,

Come meet Guddu and his friends as he gives you a tour of his magnificent circus …only on ZEE5 Kids.


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