Kebabs & Qormas Festival at Fortune Inn, Noida

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I attended ongoing “Kebabs and Qorma” festival at Fortune Grazia, Noida, for some delectable kebabs, kormas and mango desserts from 8-24 June 2018 at the Earthen Oven restaurant.

Savor the crown jewels of Awadhi cuisine in all their authenticity at Earthen Oven. The Gilavat ke kebab, Murgh Chandi ke Mohar and vegetarian specialties like dahi ke kebab and chukander ke kebab will leave you asking for more. While the flavors and richness of Gosht ki nihari, murgh taar qorma and the vegetarian paneer gulnaar and khumb ka qorma make them an absolute must for any Awadhi food lover. Naush Farmaiye.

Earthen Oven is a specialty restaurant serving delectable North Frontier cuisine straight out of the tandoor and the best of curries. The concept of a variety of hand-picked kebabs cooked on charcoal in front of the guest in a glass enclosure makes dining at the earthen oven an entirely unique experience.

Earthen Oven is fine dining restaurant in Fortune Inn Grazia, Noida. During Ramadan season, they are celebrating the festival with flavorful and authentic kebabs and qormas. In this festival every foodie can enjoy the best Awadhi and Lucknowi Cuisine inspired by Nawab preference.



Awadhi Cuisine is a traditional cuisine in which chef use special Mughlai cooking techniques and flavors to prepare rich and authentic kebabs, curries, biryanis and breads for their guests.

At Earthen Oven, culinary expert Executive Chef L.B Sharma and his team will be Serves well balanced combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian selection of an array of starters, succulent kebabs such as galouti kebabs, seekh kebab, gosht ke pasandey, hare matar aur palak ke kebab, beetroot tikkis, dahi kebab, chicken sultani, paneer tikka and more with mint and yogurt based chutney; deletable curries and an assortment of tandori breads and biryanis with mouthwatering medley of traditional and contemporary desserts.






This festival is also offering a variety of qorma and curries, traditional Mughlai gravy consisting of vegetables or meat cooked slowly in freshly grounder spices enriched with nuts, cream and butter to form flavourful gravy such as paneer gulnaar, gosht ki nihari, murgh taar qorma and khumb ka qorma and more.





That’s not all, End your meal with a special dessert of your choice in season of mango such as mango rabri, mango phirni, and mango shahi tukra.




Even they are offering refreshing mango based summer coolers such as aam panna, mango lassi, mango smoothie and mango shake.

Enjoy flavorful evening with your love ones and explore Awadhi cuisine in nawab style only at Fortune Inn Grazia, Noida

What: Kebab and Qorma Festival

Where: Earthen Oven at Fortune Inn Grazia, Noida (Sec-27)

When: 8 June to 24 June 2018 (7PM- 11PM)

For enquires and reservations please contact: 9650399081

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