National Nutrition Week with Cook Gourmet and Bagrrys

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This year National Nutrition week raises awareness of the role of food
on our health, and supports the community to enjoy healthy and nutritious food
compare to fast food.  The food and life
style habits will impact on our health and environment. 

In India, people facing the problem of salvation and Malnutrition due to
lack of proper food availability. Nutrition is a focal point
of health and well-being. It allows you to be strong, provides you with energy
to do the things and makes you look and feel good. A balanced diet is one which
provides all the types of nutrients in prescribed amounts and proper
proportion. It includes fruits and vegetables, grains, roots, beans, pulses,
nuts and animal products. Food security is one of the best way to secure or
protect the food from the wastage. Even you can give the leftover food to one
who needs. 

National Nutrition Week is celebrated every year from 1st Sept to 7th Sept. The Main objective of this campaign is to create the awareness on the importance of nutrition for health. To promote this campaign Cook Gourmet and Bagrrys aligned together to
celebrate the National Nutrition Week this year from 1st Sept to 7th
Sept to generate awareness about nutritional value.

Yesterday I got a call from cook gourmet to share this campaign on my
blog. I received two wonderful recipes “Bagel Sandwiches with Oats Patties, served
with Pickled Onions” and “Cranberry and Pine nuts Granola Oats Bar” from Cook
Gourmet. Personally I like the service and style of packaging which products delivered
by Cook Gourmet. But this time I got some healthy products from Bagrrys like
bagel buns from bagrrys for sandwiches and oats and museli from bagrrys for
oats bar. Except these two recipes, I got 4 muffins which were so delicious and
healthy made with oats, sunflower seeds and more healthy ingredients. These
recipes are really healthy and nutty which served with tea or milk, helps me
when I’m in hurry or feeling hungry. Hope
everyone understands the value of nutritious food in our lives and helps to
spread the importance of healthy food.

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