Nutty Mango Shake with Ice-Cream

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Mango milk shakes mostly
people prepared in this coming summer season but when you add ice- cream and
nuts in that…increase little more taste….its thick and creamy texture…..makes
too yumm. Hope all kids and adults like this nutty mango shake with ice-cream
in this summer season.

1 cup ripe mangos (peel
and chop)
2 cup milk
1/2 tbsp. sugar
1 tbsp. finely chopped
almonds and cashews
3 scoops mango ice-cream
Ice cubes
Blend the all ingredients
together with the help of hand blender or mixer. Now pour into glasses, and top
with one scoop of mango ice-cream and sprinkle few chopped nuts (almond and
Serve chilled and
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  1. If you're craving a sweet treat but want to keep it as healthy as possible, consider a milkshake. In addition to the more traditional flavors of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, you can create your own summer variety by adding a tropical fruit, like mango.

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