South Indian Restaurants for Gourmands In Delhi

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Indian Cuisine is a combination of huge
variety of its regional cuisines. The Indian dishes are always heavily
influenced by religious and cultural values. Generally, South Indian
cuisine brings to mind idlis, dosas, vadas and sambhar. Besides these, South
Indian food is very popular for its tasty and aromatic flavors. In
South Indian food, huge varieties are available for both vegetarian and
non-vegetarian food lovers. Traditionally, South
Indian cuisine cannot be completed without staple ingredients like coconuts,
plantain, jaggery and more. Finally tempering with mustard seeds, curry leaves,
red chillies, urad dal and oil. South Indian Cuisine includes the cuisines from five
southern states of India: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and
Delhi is a heaven for food lovers where you
can explore authentic South Indian Cuisine. However, whenever gourmands want to
taste authentic and popular South Indian dishes, they should choose the
correct South Indian restaurants in Delhi.
These days, you are lucky enough to find a lot
of options when it comes to South Indian food in Delhi restaurants. Being
a foodie, you need to keep on exploring.
Now take a look at the best south Indian
Cuisine restaurants in New Delhi:
Sagar Ratna Restaurants
(Connaught Place)
You can find Sagar Ratna at 15+ locations in
Delhi/NCR region. Through this you can easily assume how much popular this
restaurant is in Delhi. It also gives value for money. You can try dosa,
uttapam or any other South Indian dish but I recommend south Indian Thali and
filter coffee at the end.
Sarvana Bhavan (Connaught Place)
Savana Bhavan is a very popular and reliable
place to have staple South Indian cuisine. I highly recommend appam and mini
idlis which are fantastic in taste. It has a nice atmosphere and gives you
great value for money.
Anna South Indian Restaurants
(Rohini, Delhi)
If you want to enjoy the aroma of dosa,
uttapam or any other South Indian dish, Anna South Indian restaurant is a
suitable place for your small pocket. It’s an economical eating joint,
which serves food with proper hygiene in mind and provides home delivery
facility also.
Now great options are available on E-world
through which you can get highly recommended and prestigious South Indian
restaurants in New Delhi. For this you have to just visit the application on
mobile or laptops and click on a few options and enjoy original flavors and
taste of South Indian food. Recently I got an app i.e. AskMe where you can give the pause button to
your searches and get better options for South Indian foodies. It’s a powerful
app on E-world and personally, I recommend to all.


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