Day: April 30, 2013


Watermelon Juice

Juicy watermelons are indeed packed with some of the best antioxidants in nature. It is the season of watermelons. They are best during the summer as they will be soft, sweet and juicy. For upcoming summer, we prepare lots of drinks and sometimes brought tinned juices from market which not as good for health because […]

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Indian Kachumber Salad (Cucumber Onion Tomato Salad Recipe)

Kuchumber salad is a refreshing and colorful Indian salad that is commonly served as a side dish or accompaniment to various meals. With its vibrant combination of fresh vegetables and tangy flavors, it adds a delightful crunch and zest to any Indian meal. The name “kuchumber” is derived from the Hindi word “kuch”, which means […]

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