Day: September 11, 2018


Hyderabadi Food Festival at Fortune Inn Grazia, Noida

  India is a country with rich cultural heritage and is known for this the world over. This diversity of culture can be seen in its enormous cuisine. Indian cuisine in true sense is an amalgamation of the cultures, traditions and influences of different ethnic communities absorbed and imbibed over the centuries. We consider food […]

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Blogging Marathon
Breads/ Flatbreads
Madhya Pradesh
Main Course
Pooris/ Roti

I- Indori Palak Poori

Indore is known for its street food and you can easily found the palak puris in the streets of Indore. Indori palak puri is simply melt in your mouth dish, which made with palak and wheat flour. You can serve this palak poori with any side dish or pickles. I love this puri recipe because […]

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