Cheese Cigars

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Cheese cigars are so cheesy and creamy from
the inside and crisp from the outer side. You can serve this instant cheese
snack with any dip, personally I prefer tomato based spicy sauce so I choose pizza
sauce.  For better result, use fresh white
bread which gives nice texture and color to these cigars.
Cheese Cigars
Time: 10 Minutes
Time: 10 Minutes
Servings: 2
6 Bread Slices
6 Cheese Slices
Oregano & Chili Flakes
Pizza Sauce as Dip
Take fresh bread slice and flat it by using
rolling pin and cut the brown edges. Do same with other bread slices.
Arrange the all bread slices in sequence and
keep one cheese slice on each bread slice. Sprinkle little oregano and chili
flakes, Roll it gently and keep aside.
Heat the butter in non-stick pan and shallow
fry or toast the bread pieces in butter till to golden color appears. 
Serve hot cheese cigar with pizza sauce.
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