Frozen Mango Yogurt

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yogurt with flavor is really tempting and healthy recipe for kids as well as
adults. You can serve this recipe as frozen ice-cream or as smooth texture
Yogurt based
ice-cream known as Yosicle, these days foodies are more conscious about health
and they know what is good for him. They are preferred yogurt based ice-cream
compare to milk based one. I love to eat flavored yogurt especially mango and
blueberry both are mine hot favorite flavor. 
Will be
share more flavorful frozen yogurt as soon as possible with all of you. I
choose this recipe under Kids delight frozen food theme which hosted by Srivalli. 
Frozen Mango Yogurt

Preparation Time: 5 hrs
Cooking Time: 0
Servings: 2 
Category: Frozen
Cuisine: Fusion
Cooking Method: Blend, Freeze
1 Ripe
Mango, Peeled
1/4 Cup
Organic Honey
1 Cup Greek
Peel and
chop the mango into cubes. Now blend it till to smooth texture with honey.
Add yogurt
and again blend one more time till to smooth consistency.
Now transfer
the yogurt into freezer friendly mold or aluminum container and cover it with
cling film.
Freeze it
for 3-4 hours and again blend it for smooth and fluffy texture.
Again freeze
it for 2-3 hours to set.
Repeat this
process two three times and serve chilled as frozen dessert with mango chunks
if you like. 
Note: if Greek yogurt is not available then you can use hung

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