Idli Finger Fries/ Idli Fries/ Fried Idli

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When we prepared sooji’s idli which is very healthy and low cal. food,
it’s my favourite and never says No to this. We can make so many new recipes or
tasty snacks with leftover idli’s i.e. masala idli, fried idli, idli sandwich,
so many variations. Here is one which I’m trying today which called “Idli Finger

6 Idli
leftover (cut into finger shape) How to make IDLI
oil for deep frying
pepper powder
Cut the idli into finger
size. I get 4-5 fingers from one Idli, but it would be depend on the size of
idli. Heat the vegetable oil into the wok and fried this chopped idli’s on
medium flame until cook crisp and golden. Now remove this fried idli onto
kitchen towel.
Then add chaat masala and
black pepper powder, toss it well and serve this easy and crisp snack with chillies
sauce or tomato ketchup.
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