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Mango Cola
Ice candy is one of mine favorite recipe which I made at home when I remembered
my childhood candy memories which was available outside of school. Most of
time, when I brought tang at home, always prepare in thick consistency and
freeze it. The taste of tang becomes slurry and amazing like chuski. So next time
def. try this version also and share with us.

Mango Cola Ice Pops | Frozen

Preparation Time: 6 hours
Cooking Time: 0
Servings: 4
Category: Frozen
Cuisine: Fusion
Cooking Method: Freezing
2 Cups Mango
1 Cup Cola
Mango tang in thick consistency. (500gm T +2 liter W)
Fill the
Tang into ice-cream molds half and keep in freezer to set. Add the ice-cream
sticks in between.
Now add cola
over frozen tang and again keep in freezer till set.  
Chilled Mango Cola Pops.
Notes: You can use fresh mango pulp also. You can use disposal cups to
freeze the pops.
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