Motichoor Chocolate Pudding Parfait

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Laddu are
ball shaped sweets popular in Indian especially in festive season, and made
with different flours, grains and dry fruits and sugar. Motichoor laddu is made
from fine boondi where the balls are tiny and cooked in ghee.  They are very tasty and mouthwatering. Another
side chocolate pudding looks so creamy and glossy in texture and taste was melt
in mouth. When these two recipes come together makes tempting dessert, who can
say no.
For this
recipe, you have to crushed the laddu and serve along with chilled chocolate
pudding. When you serve this dessert in front of your upcoming guests, they
completely impressed with you.

Motichoor Chocolate Pudding Parfait – No Bake
Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: 10 Minutes
Servings: 8 Minis
Category: Dessert
Cuisine: Fusion
Cooking Method:  Boiling, Freezing

5 Motichoor Ladoo, Crushed
2 Cups Milk
2 Tbsps. Milk Chocolate, Grated
3 Tbsps. Custard Powder
2 Tbsps. Cocoa Powder
3 Tbsps. Sugar
Few Drops of Vanilla Essence
Choco Chips for garnishing
Pistachios for garnishing


Combine custard powder, cocoa powder and sugar in bowl, add ½ cup milk and
mix well. Keep aside.
Boil the remaining milk in saucepan. When milk starts boiling, add
custard mixture and chocolate in milk.
Stir gently to avoid lumps on medium flame. When you get correct stage
of thick consistency, remove from the flame.
Add vanilla essence and mix well. Keep on room temp to cool
Now take serving glasses and crushed ladoos in bottom as first layer,
Keep in freeze atleast for 10 minutes to set.
Now fill your smooth chocolate pudding in piping bag and add on the top
of motichoor ladoo and garnish with chocochips or pistachios. 
Keep in freeze for atleast 1hour to set. Serve chilled and enjoy.
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