Guacamole With Potato Wedges

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These potato wedges full on loaded with ketchup, mayonnaise, and main ingredient guacamole and garnish with chopped onion, tomato and more. I love the whole platter and always try to serve hot wedges with guacamole. If guacamole is not available then you can use any other thick consistency based dip.

Guacamole is avocado based dip which includes raw onion, tomato, cucumber and lemon juice. This dish belongs to Mexico which generally serve with nachos and wraps.
Guacamole With Fries
Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: 15 Minutes
Serving: 3
Category: Snacks
Cuisine: Fusion
Cooking Method: Fry

1 Packet Potato Wedges
1/2 Cup Guacamole
For Garnishing
Tomato, Finely Chopped
Onion, Finely Chopped
Lemon Juice

Fry the potato wedges as per instruction on packet. Even you can use homemade potato wedges or French fries.
Place the wedges in bowl and topped with guacamole and mayonnaise.
Garnish with chopped tomato and onions and sprinkle lemon juice over the wedges.
Serve immediately.

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