Gur aur Til ka Paratha| Sweet Indian Flatbread Recipe

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Gur ka paratha is very
popular recipe during winter season in different regions of India. But in
Haryana side it’s cooked with til and jaggery. For this recipe, we have to
dissolve the grated jaggery or gur with water and prepare the dough with other
ingredients like ghee, sesame seeds and flour. Sesame seeds or til gives the
nutty flavor to this paratha.. gur and til is great combination in winters.

This recipe is very simple,
tasty and healthy too. Because in wheat flour include carbs, jaggery include
iron, calcium and glucose and in ghee includes fat properties, all three
ingredients are good and energetic components of food.
Try to cook this paratha in
desi ghee which increase the taste of gur or jaggery and serve these parathas
hot with chili or mango pickle.
Gur aur
Til ka Paratha| Sweet Indian Flatbread Recipe
Time: 15 Minutes
Time: 15 Minutes
Indian bread
Method: Tawa Cooking
For Dough
1/3 Cup Jaggery
1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour
1 Tbsp. Sesame Seeds
1/2 Tsp. Salt
1 Tbsp. Clarifying Butter
1/4 Cup Water
Wheat flour for Dusting
Desi Ghee or Oil for Frying
Boil the water and jaggery
together in a thick bottom pan till to dissolve.
Strain the liquid jaggery to
avoid dust particles.
Combine salt, flour, ghee,
sesame seeds and jaggery liquid in deep bowl.
Add enough water to knead
the semi soft dough.
Now cover with dump clothe
and keep aside for 10 -15 minutes alteast.
Divide the dough into equal
ratio. Roll it using rolling pin into circle, add little flour for rolling.
Grease little oil in center
and fold the edges in center. Again roll it into circle using little flour.
Heat the non-stick tawa or
griddle and cook each paratha on a medium flame using little ghee on both side
till to golden and cook.
Serve hot gur aur til ka
paratha with chili or mango pickle.
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11 thoughts on “Gur aur Til ka Paratha| Sweet Indian Flatbread Recipe

  1. Wow! Love such traditional dishes. My punjabi friend told me of some festival where the girls are made to eat gur ka paratha while the rest of the family are fasting. I can't recollect which festival it was. I am sure such traditional parathas are a treasure.

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