Stuffed Kulchas/ Indian Bread- Punjabi Special

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this June month’s ICC- Indian
Cooking Challenge
Srivalli chose Punjabi Speciality i.e Stuffed Kulcha.
Through this link, I got a general idea about this recipe. Thanks for sharing
this wonderful recipe with us. Under this recipe, I prepared two types of
stuffing, one with onion and second with paneer or cottage cheese.

  • For Kulchas Dough:-
cup maida (refine flour)
tsp. baking powder
tsp. baking soda or meetha soda
tbsp. sugar
to taste
cup oil
tbsp. ghee
cup yogurt
  • For Onion
large onion (finely chopped)
green chillies (finely chopped)
tbsp. green coriander (finely chopped)
tsp. ajwain or carom
¼ tsp. cumin seeds
Salt to taste
  • For Paneer
1 cup grated cottage cheese or paneer
Salt to taste
½ tsp. Red chillies
1 green chilli (finely chopped)
½ tsp. chaat masala

  • For
    Paneer Stuffing:-
Combine all ingredients into one bowl and mix well. For
more crispy taste, you can add chopped onion.
  • For
    Onion Stuffing:-
Combine all the ingredients into one bowl and mix well.
  • For
    Kulchas Dough:-
Combine all the ingredients of dough into same
bowl and add water for making soft dough. Keep this dough for 2-3 hours for
fermented. Then divide the dough into small and equal portion and make rounds
of each them. Roll it out into small round shape with the help of rolling pin
same as like chapati or roti. Now place the stuffing in the centre of the
rolled chapati and close the all side of roti. Press it down. Now again roll it
dough like chapati slowly with the help of rolling pin.
Heat the non-stick tawa on the medium flame.
When the tawa is hot enough, place kulcha on the tawa carefully. Turn it and
spread little oil or butter on the top and flip it again. Do same with other
side. Cook for 5 minutes. Spread butter at the time of serving and serve hot
with chole’s and chutney.
this recipe with following events:
Indian Cooking Challenge event hosted by Srivalli 

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